Yannis Drosidis

Software Engineer, CTO, Founder

About me

Hello! My name is Yannis. I am a hands-on CTO, a passionate full stack web developer and an entrepreneur at heart.

In 2016 I co-founded my own startup, DeepStream, an eProcurement and pre-qualification web platform for engineering companies in the Oil & Gas sector.

Before and after that, as a CTO, I helped Aquanetix and BoxMind launch their product and get the first users onboard.

My expertise goes beyond coding. I am very effective in architecting web apps, hiring devs, leading a small tech team and driving the product.

Coding skills

Currently my preferred tech stack includes:

Last but not least, throughout the years I have done my fair share of coding with Java, Angular 2+, MySQL, Android, Ruby and others.

Contact me

I live in London and love to make new connections. Feel free to contact me: