Yannis Drosidis

Software Engineer, CTO, Founder

About me

Hello! My name is Yannis. I am a hands-on CTO, a passionate full stack web developer and an entrepreneur at heart. I have 15 years of experience as a fullstack web-developer. I have worked with many technologies and in many different sectors. I have helped several startups launch their products and become successful.

My expertise goes beyond coding. I am very effective in architecting web apps, hiring devs, leading a small tech team and driving the product.



In 2016 I co-founded and became CTO of DeepStream, an eProcurement and pre-qualification web platform for engineering companies in the Oil & Gas sector. Things that I’m proud of:

Other start-ups


In January 2019 I joined BoxMind, a company that provides fitness classes in the B2B sector. At the time the team relied on a combination of WordPress plugins and external SaaS services for their operations. I was the first in-house developer and took on the task of architecting and building their web app. It was launched in June 2019 and serves as the base of their operations.

Our stack is React, Node, MongoDB, AWS.


I joined Aquanetix first as a external contractor to build their native Android app. Later I took on the role of CTO and I was responsible for launching their MVP a few months later.

Coding skills

Currently my preferred tech stack includes:

Throughout the years I have also done my fair share of coding with:

Contact me

I live in London and love to make new connections. Feel free to contact me:

yannis@drosidis.com LinkedIn